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One Killed, Three Dozen Injured in Illinois Megabus Crash

A double-decker Megabus riding from Chicago to Kansas City crashed into a concrete bridge pillar on an Illinois interstate Thursday night, killing a female passenger and injuring dozens of others, reports the Associated Press. Police identified the victim as 25-year-old Aditi Avhad of India. Illinois State Police trooper Doug Francis said that 38 of the 82 passengers aboard were taken to hospitals for various injuries suffered in the accident. The bus came to a stop in an upright position with its front end crumpled against the pillar, throwing some people from their seats while others were trapped inside.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash. “We don’t know what happened,” Francis said. “Somebody reported to us it was a blown tire, but we haven’t confirmed that yet.”

A similar wreck occurred near Syracuse, New York, in September 2010 when a double-decker Megabus crashed into an overpass in middle of the night, killing four of the 29 passengers aboard. In that case, the driver missed an exit and strayed from the plan route, which took the bus on a course toward the overpass.

Megabus issued a statement regarding the Illinois incident, saying, “The thoughts and prayers of our entire staff go out to everyone involved, particularly the family of the person who has died.”

One Killed, Three Dozen Injured in Megabus Crash