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Jonah Lehrer Still Plugged in at Wired

Photo: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

Jonah Lehrer may have been booted from The New Yorker’s masthead for falsifying Bob Dylan quotes in his book Imagine: How Creativity Works, but not all Conde Nast publications are marking an end of a Lehrer-a. Wired is keeping the writer on contract, according to Buzzfeed. “Jonah was and remains on a features contract with Wired,” spokesman Jon Hammond told BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith. “We chose to maintain our contract.”

Hammond said the scandal “does not diminish his work as a valued contributor to the magazine and website.” That doesn’t mean Wired completely trusts Lehrer though. The magazine is currently in the process of “vetting” Lehrer’s blog posts to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. “To date we have not come across anything that seems too troubling,” Hammond told Buzzfeed.