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Katie Couric Will YOLO As She Pleases, Thank You Very Much [Updated]

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Katie Couric attends the 2012 Athena Film Festival: A Celebration Of Women And Leadership Opening Night Reception at Barnard College on February 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)
Photo: Robin Marchant/2012 Getty Images

Katie Couric’s forthcoming daytime talk show, Katie, will be totally trill or whatever the kids are saying nowadays. One example of its hipness is the “modern day bucket list” segment titled You Only Live Once, or YOLO, a real-life hashtag made inescapable by “The Motto,” a rapping song by Drake and Lil Wayne. “They thought that I didn’t know anything about Drake,” Couric teased last week. But it turns out she’s a bit sensitive about being in-touch.

Couric blocked the writer Greg Campbell on Twitter after a gentle exchange that started when he wrote, “Rule of thumb: When @KatieCouric starts using internet acronyms, they’ve jumped the shark months ago. #yolokatie #killmeplease.” She shot back, “ouch! No offense Greg but you don’t look the ultimate hipster yourself! Just sayin,” and later added, “I guess I will just have to aspire to be as cool as you one day … sigh.”

Despite calling her a good sport, Campbell will no longer have the pleasure of reading her feed. “Was I being an asshole? Not intentionally; she seemed to take it in good humor, at least from my point of view,” he told Romenesko. “Hell, I like Katie Couric.” FML and all that.

Update: Good news! Couric came around, telling Campbell, “come home 2 mama.”

Katie Couric Blocks Writer on Twitter Over YOLO