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GOP Messaging Guru Frank Luntz on Chris Christie’s Widely Panned Keynote Address: ‘It’s All Good’

Political consultant Frank Luntz attends the premiere and panel discussion of
Luntz. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Although, to many political observers, it seemed as if Chris Christie were more concerned with using his keynote address last night to lay the groundwork for his own presidential run, rather than promote Mitt Romney’s, GOP messaging guru™ Frank Luntz doesn’t see the problem. “Every time Chris Christie speaks, people pay attention,” he told me just now in the lobby of the Tampa Convention Center. “So he’s going to help frame the debate just by speaking out.” He added that Christie “says what he means and means what he says, and that was such a great contrast to the Democrats that I think it’s all good.” Which is not to say that Christie didn’t help himself, as well. “I think Chris Christie has an excellent opportunity for 2016,” Luntz said, referring to a scenario in which Romney loses this year. “I think there is a demand for his straight-shooter approach.” And with that, Luntz vanished into a plume of smoke, and he was gone. 

Luntz on Christie Speech: ‘It’s All Good’