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New Yorkers Are Less Fat Than Residents of Most Other States

The good news is, he can still see the figures on the scale. Photo: Istockphoto

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its annual national obesity rates, and it turns out that New York ranks among the least obese states in the country. Colorado boasts the lowest rate of obesity at 2o.7 percent, while Mississippi tops the scales and the list at 34.9 percent. The study found that 24.5 percent of New Yorkers are obese, which places the Empire state near the bottom of the list, trailing only Colorado, Hawaii (21.8), Massachusetts (22.7), California (23.8), New Jersey (23.7), Utah (24.4), and the District of Columbia (23.7). It’s also possible the actual figures are worse: The CDC based the results on self-reported height and weight figures provided by 400,000 adults over the phone. Still, there’s reason to be proud, New Yorkers … sort of.

New York Among the Least Obese States