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NYC Taxis to Use Only ‘T’ as Logo, Just Like Boston

Photo: Taxi and Limousine Commission, Directory of Boston/Flickr

It appears the Taxi and Limousine Commission didn’t get the memo about the New York-Boston rivalry. The Times reports that the TLC has axed the word “taxi” in favor of a logo with a bold yellow T in a black circle, “an enlarged version of the symbol first adopted five years ago.” But just now the medallion taxis with T’s are only beginning to hit the streets. “We have no doubt that a yellow car with a roof light with a big T will be understood as a New York City taxicab,” said David Yassky, chairman of the TLC. “Even the greenest of greenhorns will know that it’s a taxicab.” Okay, but even the greenest residents of the northeast know that the “T” is the symbol for Boston’s public transportation. That’s their thing. What the city has now is basically a complete inverse. Bring back the “axi,” Mr. Yassky.

Taxis to Use Only ‘T’ as Logo, Just Like Boston