NYU Installs Anti-Suicide Screens in Bobst Library

Courtesy of MG McGrath, the company that produced the screens.

Anyone who’s ever entered Elmer Holmes Bobst Library knows that the first place your eye wanders is up and into the building’s vast 150-foot-high atrium. Except now, instead of looking up at eight floors of book stacks swathed in polycarbonate barriers — erected after two back-to-back student suicides in 2003; another jumped to his death in 2009 — visitors and NYU students will look up at sheets of golden rain. The new floor-to-ceiling perforated aluminum screens were designed, reports the Times’ City Room blog, to have a certain pixelated, digital look, with more open rectangles on the north side of the atrium so daylight can stream in all the more dramatically through the trees ringing Washington Square Park. Sounds life-affirming.

NYU Library Installs Anti-Suicide Screens