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Paul Ryan Abandons Twitter Account for Shiny New VP Handle

Ryan. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

The installation of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate meant the retirement (perhaps temporary) of Ryan’s Twitter account, @RepPaulRyan, in favor of the one-day-old handle @PaulRyanVP. Already Ryan’s new account has 85,821 followers and it’s quickly growing. His old platform has nearly 185,000 followers, with whom he shared thoughts and policy proposals on the tax code, the budget, and health care: “With the right leadership, we will pass  & advance real health care solutions for the American people.”

Interestingly, Ryan actually follows people on his VP account, 79 in total — 78 more than he does on the congressional handle. The only account he follows there is . Ryan’s online makeover reflects a more social and less self-important self that subscribes to the 140-character musings of Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Andrea Saul, and several members of Mitt’s digital team, probably the folks who set up the the new account. Here’s a taste of Ryan Twitter 2.0, in which he basically says “What Mitt said”:

Ryan Abandons Twitter Account for New VP Handle