convention dispatch

Robert Gibbs Infiltrates RNC, Gets Out Unscathed

A terrible photo of Robert Gibbs outside the convention.

Robert Gibbs marched briskly through the hallway of the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier tonight on his way to an interview with ABC News.

You been spotted yet?” I asked him, nearly jogging as I tried to keep up. 

“It’s hard to be incognito,” he replied. 

Before entering ABC’s private box, I asked Gibbs what he thought of the RNC theme of the night: “We Built This!

It’s a night built around a statement that doesn’t exist and an ad campaign against a policy that doesn’t exist,” he said, presumably referring to Romney’s widely panned Medicare ads. 

A little while later, I ran into Gibbs again as he waited for the shuttle bus outside the Forum. Another reporter was asking him whether the conventiongoers were hostile to him inside. “Not really,” he said. “Some people were wondering, like, ‘What are you here for?’ There were a lot of double takes.”