Times Photographer Beat Up by Cops Got His Things Back, But Still Faces Charges

Photo: YouTube

When we last checked in with New York Times photographer Robert Stolarik, he was hurting. The veteran freelancer said he was on assignment in the Bronx when NYPD officers attacked and arrested him, unprovoked, leaving the 43-year-old with cuts and bruises, but without $20,000 in camera equipment or his press credentials. “My cameras were returned to me two weeks ago,” Stolarik told the National Press Photographers Association today. “Getting my gear back was the first step and now I have my credentials.” But the ordeal is not over yet: “The next part of this process will be getting the charges dropped,” he said, referring to accusations of obstruction and resisting arrest that he called “an untruth.” Stolarik told Daily Intel, “At the moment, we’re not pursuing any legal action,” but we’ll see what happens if they keep testing his patience.

Times Photog Beat Up by NYPD Got His Stuff Back