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Brooklyn Romantic Risks Spinal Injury to Propose Marriage on Billboard

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Have you noticed the text-message-style marriage proposal painted on a vacant billboard over the BQE, “Will u marry me Chelsea Mose?” Well, it’s not graffiti, but an actual marriage proposal. The scribe is 28-year-old Drew Henkels, who told the Daily News that he scaled the thing because he “wanted to make sure she knew I was serious.” After Chelsea moved into his apartment in Bed-Stuy, he got marriage on his mind and mulled over different ideas. He eventually committed to the high-stakes and very public billboard marriage request. Henkels said of his scheme, “If you fall, it’s two broken bones at best, more likely a spinal injury.” She said yes, hopefully because she loves him and not because he nonchalantly risked paralysis to display his affection.

Romantic Risks Spinal Injury for Proposal