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Richest Romney Donors Hosted Yacht Party Under Cayman Islands Flag

The 15o-foot boats are really rocking down in Florida for the Republican National Convention, where Mitt Romney’s top donors are practically in Cabo on spring break. According to ABC News, the wealthiest of the wealthy fund-raisers for Mitt Romney hosted a VIP back-patting session aboard a yacht called (ahem) Cracker Bay. The party boat is owned by billionaire retirement community mogul Gary Morse and just happens to proudly fly the flag of the Cayman Islands, with little concern for the American plebians suspicious of Romney’s favorite tax haven.

Some have already come to the defense of the one percent by noting that the flag in question also bears a strong resemblance to Bermuda’s, which is red, while the Cayman Islands are often associated with a blue flag. The Islands, though, also have a red version and, more conclusively, the (nonpartisan?) CharterWorld.com lists Cracker Bay as sporting the flag of … the Cayman Islands. Bottom line: Billionaires don’t care.

Romney Donors Host Yacht Party Under Cayman Flag