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Owner of RomneyRyan.com Wants Stephen Colbert to Buy the Site From Him


Head over to RomneyRyan.com right now, and you’ll see a happy photo of the new GOP ticket and a link promising Mitt Romney’s tax returns, which, as you might expect, doesn’t not actually lead to Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Burn.

The site is owned by 26-year-old Astoria resident (and Ron Paul supporter) Peter Crowley, who tells us that he (quite presciently) bought the domain back in 2010 as Paul Ryan’s stock began to climb in the Republican Party. Crowley hoped that he could one day “sell it for profit,” but despite recent entreaties to the Romney campaign, the Obama campaign, their respective super-PACs, the DNC, and the RNC, nobody has offered to take it off his hands.

In 2004, a man who happened to be named Kerry Edwards, and owned the domain KerryEdwards.com, sought to auction off the address for a minimum of $150,000. There were no takers. “Obviously kerryedwards.com would be a great Web site,” the Kerry campaign’s Indiana chairman said at the time. “But with the amount of effort, enthusiasm and excitement that has built around JohnKerry.com, I don’t think anyone would want to switch with just a few months to go until the election.”

Despite his lack of success so far, Crowley told us he’s still hoping to get at least $10,000 for RomneyRyan.com, and he’s begun broadening his search for a buyer. “I’m going to call Stephen Colbert,” Crowley says. “I thought he might be interested.”

Until then, Crowley doesn’t have any grand plans for the site beyond its current jab at Romney’s tax stonewalling. “I had to do something with the site,” he says, “so I figured that I might as well try to make a joke.”

Owner of RomneyRyan.com Wants to Sell to Colbert