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Ronald Reagan Hologram Skipped the RNC for Political Reasons

The greatest Republican of all time was only at the Republican National Convention in spirit because he is dead. And yet so is Tupac, but that did not stop him from appearing at Coachella. Yahoo reports that a similar hologram of Ronald Reagan was really almost ready for a debut in Tampa (though not on stage), but was scrapped at the last minute, according to its co-creator, because “we didn’t want to seem like we were favoring Republicans.” It’s still slated to appear eventually in support of the bipartisan JOBS Act.

Additionally, the presidential projection might’ve been a scene-stealer: “At the time he hadn’t chosen Paul Ryan, so I think they were a little worried about [Mitt Romney’s] energy,” the publicity-loving evil genius explained. “Even in a hologram form I think Reagan’s going to beat a lot of people in terms of communicating.” And just imagine if, like Tupac, Reagan was shirtless.

Ronald Reagan Hologram Skipped the RNC