shirley huntley

Queens State Senator Says She Will Be Arrested Monday

Shirley Huntley.

Just a couple days after Brooklyn assemblyman Vito Lopez was censured for sexually harassing two female employees, yet another New York lawmaker is in trouble. Yesterday, Shirley Huntley, a state senator from Queens, called an “emergency press conference” to announce that she would surrender herself to the police on Monday. Huntley — whose employees were accused of misusing state funds in December — claimed that she doesn’t “know the charges” she is facing. “I have no idea what this is about,” she said. The state attorney general’s office responded to Huntley’s announcement (which she admitted was “strange”) with this statement: “The appropriate forum in which to respond to the senator is a court of law, where the attorney general will prove all facts according to the rules of evidence. Those facts will speak for themselves.” 

Shirley Huntley Says She Will Be Arrested Monday