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Stuyvesant High School Principal Resigns Amid Cheating Scandal

Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty

The principal of New York City’s elite Stuyvesant High School, Stan Teitel, has stepped down after thirteen years on the job amid a city probe into a smartphone cheating scandal involving at least 71 students. In a letter posted on the school’s website Friday evening, Teitel didn’t address the controversy, but said he has “decided to retire” at the end of August. “It is time to devote my energy to my family and personal endeavors,” he wrote. But Daily News reporter Rachel Monahan notes that his resignation comes “as the investigation into his handling of cheating scandal continues.”

The Department of Education is looking into the incident, in which one student photographed his statewide Regents exams and texted them to other students. (Everyone does it, said a Stuy kid.) The tests in question were all invalidated, while punishments are still being sorted out. At least it’s summer vacation.

Stuyvesant High School Principal Resigns