Official Named in Department of Homeland Security Reverse Sexism Suit Admits to Making Pasta

Dora Schriro. (

New York City corrections commissioner Dora Schriro’s name became a bit more familiar on Friday, when she was named in a reverse sexism lawsuit filed against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Among the charges that Napolitano let her department operate as a “female-run frat house” was the allegation that, owing to her friendship with Napolitano and the Sisterhood Illuminati, Schriro was promoted to her current post over James Hayes, who filed the suit. Well, Schriro’s in the paper again today, but the news is about gardening, not getting sued. By some strange coincidence, Schriro is the subject of this week’s “Sunday Routine” piece in the New York Times, where she discusses the best pancakes on City Island, homemade pasta, and her love of The Good Wife (but not for Janet Napolitano, much to the Post’s perverse dismay.)

Woman In Napolitano Suit Admits to Making Pasta