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America Pretty Sure Obama Could Beat Up Romney

What if President Obama and Mitt Romney decided, Enough of all this “campaigning” for “votes” in a democratic competition for “the most votes” — let’s just meet on the playground after school and duke it out? According to a new survey by the venerable Esquire/Yahoo! polling outfit, America is fairly confident that Obama would win, although it’s hardly unanimous. Fifty-eight percent think Obama would best Romney in a “fistfight,” while 22 percent went with Romney, and 20 percent didn’t know and/or refused to dignify the question with a real answer.

It’s hard to argue with the results, though. Both men exercise regularly and seem to be in good shape, but Obama is fourteen years younger than Romney and appears to be quicker and more agile. Then again, you can’t discount the possibility that Romney has accrued enough old-man strength to overcome his other handicaps. It might not be a terrible fight.