Barney Frank Once Had a Pot Brownie and It Made Him ‘Sleepy’

Frank said nothing about the brownie’s preparation, its taste, or the quality of sleep induced by marijuana, but in an interview Wednesday with CNN’s Erin Burnett he did say he’d tried one. The outgoing Massachusetts representative who supports marijuana legalization (and its taxing) said quite a bit more about personal freedoms and the state resource suck caused by marijuana policing and the imprisonment of offenders. He also mentioned the problem of disproportionate law enforcement, using New York’s allegedly discriminatory stop-and-frisk practice as an example. But nothing was quite as entertaining as the last bit where Burnett asked Frank if he dabbles in marijuana use. “I did have a brownie once,” he said. “It made me sleepy.”

Barney Frank Had a Pot Brownie, Made Him Sleepy