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Court Date in Etan Patz Case Postponed Again, Sources Say They’ve Found No Evidence

Etan Patz. Photo: wikipedia?Patz Imaging 2006

Pedro Hernandez’s next hearing was already postponed three months to give both sides more time to investigate his connection to the murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz, and now it’s been put off again until November 15. The D.A.’s office says both parties still need more time, and sources tell the Post that searches of Hernandez’s home and the former Soho bodega where he says he strangled the boy haven’t turned up any usable evidence. While Hernandez’s confession is said to be detailed and convincing, the Matchbox car, boys’ shorts, and underwear found in his attic couldn’t be linked to Patz. “There’s just nothing else on this guy,” said the source.

Court Date in Etan Patz Case Postponed Again