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DNC Security Threats: Baby Strollers, Magic Markers, and, Yes, Fruit

Early last week, Intel Dan learned the hard way that a banana — in fact all fruit — were considered dangerous projectiles by the Republican National Convention’s organizers. Well, it looks like the Democrat’s own shindig next week in Charlotte may be an even tighter ship, with a much longer list of no-nos, according to the AP:

  • Bottled water and cans of soda (they must’ve hired the TSA to do security)
  • Socks and scarves
  • Magic markers (no sniffing, please)
  • Baby strollers
  • Non-service pets
  • And any “container or object of sufficient weight to be used as a projectile,” which likely includes, yes, fruit, and maybe even your trusty iPhone or shoe.

No mention of acid-filled eggs, however.

DNC Security Threats: Magic Markers and Fruit