Gary Johnson to Reddit: Don’t Shoot the WikiLeaks Messenger

Libertarian presidential candidate and self-declared medical-marijuana-user Gary Johnson showed up today for his second Reddit AMA in two weeks. Whereas last time he waded into the all-important pancake-waffle debate — he’s pro-waffle — and sensibly chose to fight one horse-size duck rather than a swarm of 100 duck-size horses, today he tackled the WikiLeaks naysayers, saying that “[Julian] Assange and Wikileaks, I think are messengers that should not be shot.” Bradley Manning, however, is a different matter. He “violated the terms of his employment,” Johnson reasoned, “making excuses for his actions problematic.” Johnson also said that his campaign has filed a lawsuit to get included in the upcoming presidential debates — considering how ugly things are bound to get between Romney and Obama up there onstage, Johnson could be a refreshing sideshow.

Gary Johnson: Don’t Shoot WikiLeaks Messenger