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Heilemann on Hardball: Bill Clinton Almost Like Obama Running Mate

Swing state residents who feel like they’ve been seeing a lot of Bill Clinton recently aren’t imagining things. On Hardball Tuesday night, New York’s John Heilemann explained that the Obama campaign is capitalizing on Clinton’s widely praised speech at the Democratic National Convention, in which the former president answered a question the Obama campaign had struggled with: Are you better off now than you were four years ago? “There’s a lot of polling that suggested that the bump president Obama got out of the convention was almost all due to Bill Clinton,” said Heilemann, adding that Clinton is in almost all the ads running in swing states, with video of the current and former president back-to-back at the end. “It’s almost as if they’re running mates. That’s how powerful the Obama camp thinks Bill Clinton is as a champion of the notion that things in fact are on the right track.”

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Heilemann: Clinton Almost an Obama Running Mate