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Here’s More Footage of Yesterday’s Queens Tornado

Not only did a tornado touch down yesterday morning in the Breezy Point section of Queens, but then another, stronger freak twister (with winds up to 110 miles an hour) made landfall near Canarsie, in Brooklyn, tearing down trees and bits of house, as seen in this video cobbled together by the I Love Canarsie Facebook group. Meanwhile, the first tornado flooded parts of Queens, caused hundreds to lose power throughout the city, and “relocated“ a Breezy Point Dumpster. An amateur video of the storm, seen below, shows it ripping up houses around the one minute-mark and causing minor explosions as it downs power lines. But thankfully no one was badly injured, except — jokes Times media columnist David Carr — hipsters, whose “fedoras [were] found as far away as Staten Island.”

Here’s More Footage of Yesterday’s Tornado