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This Badass Couple Kissing While Handcuffed Beats Your Summer Romance

’12 Bonnie & Clyde. Photo: Mo Gelber

Local photographer Mo Gelber took such a sexy photo of these delinquents that he has a chance to win director Ron Howard’s Project Imaginat10n contest, if only the unknowing subjects will cooperate. Gelber got the shot outside of a Manhattan criminal court in August, but per the competition’s rules, he needs the consent of its stars. After taking to Facebook in a desperate attempt to locate them, a woman claiming to be the one in cut-offs came forward but won’t play along until she’s reunited with her still locked-up lover.

We knew that we were going to be split up once we got to Central Booking,” 28-year-old Alexis Creque said of the photo, explaining that the man is her 26-year-old boyfriend. “He’s a fine artist and does graffiti all over the city.” At the time, the guy told Gelber he was “for writing on other peoples stuff.”

I was just the look-out,” Creque explained to the Daily News. “We had a crazy romance all summer. It is like a movie.” The conflict, then, is that he’s still in jail, and, for some reason, she won’t divulge his indentity.

I will bring the release form to Rikers if I have to,” said Gelber, who has until tomorrow to turn in the paperwork. “I just really want to win this contest.” Assuming this isn’t an elaborate viral marketing stunt, he may not even need Ron Howard at all to sell this story.

Hot, Kissing, Cuffed Couple Found on Facebook