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Innocence of Muslims Actress Suing Filmmaker, Google

Photo: YouTube

By now, people who follow the news closely know that the actors in the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims thought they were starring in something called Desert Warrior and that the offensive parts about the prophet Muhammad were added later by shady producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. That may seem beside the point to some, considering the deadly protests the video has already set off around the world, but not to the film’s inadvertent stars, one of whom is now suing not only Nakoula, but Google, hoping to have the clip removed from YouTube.

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia claims, according to the AP, that the “vile and reprehensible” movie has resulted in “shame, mortification, and hurt feelings,” plus death threats, and that her image is being used fraudulently. According to the complaint, “This lawsuit is not an attack on the First Amendment nor on the right of Americans to say what they think, but does request that the offending content be removed from the Internet.” In some ways, it’s too late, but for her, it couldn’t hurt.

Innocence of Muslims Actress Suing Filmmaker