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At Least the Guy With a Massive Secret Weapons Stash Was Already in Jail

handgun with bullets on the wooden surface, closeup with vignette, useful for various security,protection or criminal topics

A landlord checking in on overdue rent in Yonkers yesterday happened upon a huge pile of weapons, including fifteen handguns, multiple shotguns, assault rifles, smoke grenades, shields, a bulletproof vest, and a bunch of ammo. NBC reports that the tenant, Antonio Olmeda, did not live there — and those close to him didn’t even know he had the place — but he had a pretty good reason for being behind on his payments: Olmeda is in prison on attempted murder charges for firing at cops in December. At the time, he was carrying two guns, and four more were later found at his other residence. That was, apparently, only the beginning of his terrifying arsenal.

Massive Weapons Arensal Found in Yonkers