Muslim Rioters Taking Anger Out on Fast-Food Joints Now

Lebanese men ransack US fast food chains Hardee's and KFC as they protest against the controversial film
“This movie is really offensive … let’s go burn down some unrelated buildings!” Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

As anger spreads against the United States (see this handy map) over an obscure anti-Islamic movie that the United States government has repeatedly condemned, new and even less culpable targets are increasingly facing the wrath of Muslim rioters around the globe. In Sudan, a mob stormed and burned the German embassy, which had thankfully been vacated beforehand. In Lebanon, a group of demonstrators smashed up a KFC/Hardee’s and set it on fire, along with the adjacent Krispy Kreme. Just wait until these protesters find out that none of these restaurants had anything to do with the movie! Boy, are they going to be embarrassed.

Muslim Rioters Taking Anger Out on Fast Food