New Jersey Pathmark Shooter Had Tweeted About Killing Co-Workers In the Past

A person walks in to a Pathmark grocery store owned by the A&P grocery chain December 13, 2010 in New York City.
Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Terrence Tyler, the depressed 23-year-old ex-Marine who shot and killed  two of his co-workers (and himself) at a New Jersey Pathmark grocery store early yesterday, had a rather disturbing Twitter persona, the AP has learned. Starting in June 2009 — well before he was discharged from the military and ended up at the market in Old Bridge — Tyler tweeted a series of messages using his @Tylerbktstyle handle that painted a somewhat trigger-happy, raging picture. (Note: The AP claims “smh” is short for “shaking my head,” but we’ve also seen it used as “so much hate.”)


smh is it normal to want to kill ALL of ur coworkers?Maybe but I’m actually in a position where I can,smh

A few months later, on October 7, Tyler had a particularly bad day, writing:

I no murdering sum1 cuz u hate them is wrong but being here makes me think about that….really does.

What I wnna know is how plp turn out this way?Bad parenting?their environment?Is it both? Somebody help me with that one….

Because these mothafuckas are reeeeeeally pushin my kill everyone I see button.

I don’t undastand how so many plp could be so ignorant,so stupid,so immature & simple minded.

I’m starting to see why plp go on killin sprees….

Then, a month later, on November 12, he wrote:

I JUST got off work smh these dudes r a FUCKING riot smh I c y plp go on violent killin sprees….I really do.

NJ Pathmark Shooter Tweeted About Killing People