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Nude Model Wins $15,000 Apology From Flustered Cops

Photo: Istockphoto

Twenty-two-year-old Zoe West was arrested in Times Square last year for stripping naked while having her entire body painted despite the fact that, even in this nanny state, “public nudity is legal in New York City as long as it’s done for purposes of a performance, exhibition or show.” Although West was not charged with a crime, she did get hauled into the precinct and was “gawked at” by police for fifteen minutes, which was more than enough grounds to win a false-arrest settlement. Not only will West take home $15,000, but her lawyer receives a complimentary showcase for his comedy in today’s New York Post. “The beauty of New York City is a naked girl can win a nice suit,” said the attorney, who should be disbarred for pun-abuse. “Given the police idiocy, one wonders where the boobs really are.” Frankly, we’re offended.

Nude Model Wins $15,000 Apology From City