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Art-School Grad Behind NYPD Drone Posters Just Daring Cops to Destroy Him

Photo: @mtracey

The man behind New York City’s recent spate of fake NYPD propaganda posters is getting a little cocky. In a ride-around and anonymous video interview with Animal New York, the 29-year-old claims he’s not an established street artist and not affiliated with Occupy Wall Street, but did go to art school and even served in Iraq as a “geo-spatial analyst.” The guerrilla ad-installer is reportedly riding around in a white van marked with the logo of outdoor advertising company Van Wagner, and he hit more than 50 spots in about five hours during one particular overnight shift. The NYPD was seen dusting for fingerprints near the Big Brother signs last week, and despite his voice being disguised and his face obscured, we (and the police) now know the culprit has a head of curly hair too. Time to take a break or get a buzz cut.

NYPD Drone Artist Daring Cops to Destroy Him