NYPD Fatally Shoots Disturbed, Knife-Wielding Man

Another family is questioning the NYPD’s tactics after a call for help dealing with a man who was possibly mentally ill ended with officers killing him. Mohamed Bah’s mother called 911 after the 27-year-old cab driver and student refused to open the door to his Harlem apartment. Relatives say he was depressed and had been acting strangely. The Daily News reports that after officers slid a camera under his door, he came out holding a knife and went after the cops. Police say they tased him twice and shot him with a rubber pellet, but it didn’t stop him. After he slashed an officer’s vest, they shot him once in the chest. His brother, Osmon Bah, asked, “Why did they have to shoot him? All my mother did was call for help.”

NYPD Fatally Shoots Disturbed Man After Attack