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The Search for the Ohio Man Peeing Behind Barack Obama Starts Now [Updated]

Photo: Donovan Slack

Politico reporter Donovan Slack snapped this picture of Barack Obama speaking in Cincinnati today, complete with a Where’s Waldo?–esque special guest hovering in the grass behind the president’s head. It does appear, as pointed out by Twitchy and Fox Nation, that this man is relieving himself, in which case, who are you, brave peeing man? Besides a national hero and future guest on Fox News.

Update: Politico and the Secret Service have teamed up to kill fun. Agents, the photographer reports, “typically face away from the president and watch for threats that may be headed his way, in this case, from the woods.” Sigh. “The individual in the light blue shirt in the background of the photo is one of our personnel,” said Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan. “There is no accuracy to the reporting associated with this photo thus far.” The grassy knoll conspiracy theories can commence now in earnest. 

Ohio Man Looks to Be Peeing Behind Barack Obama