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World’s Ballsiest Old Lady Wants a Cut of Tourism Windfall After Ruining Nineteenth-Century Jesus Fresco

A woman takes pictures of the deteriorated version of
Tourist takes photo of what now appears to be a hairy monkey. Photo: CESAR MANSO/AFP/Getty Images

Ever since Cecilia Gimenez, an elderly Spanish lady, took it upon herself to carry out the worst possible restoration of a nineteenth-century fresco of Jesus known as Ecce Homo, tourists have been flocking to the church where it resides and ponying up four euros each for the pleasure of seeing it up close. Now the woman’s lawyers are asking for Gimenez’s fair share of the proceeds, which, in her defense, she intends to donate to charity. You know that if this actually works, though, she’s going to destroy every piece of art she can get her tiny old lady hands on.

Old Lady Who Ruined Jesus Fresco Wants Money