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Video Shows Panicked Libyans Pulling Fallen Ambassador From Locked Room

Stevens (left).

One minute of footage posted to YouTube reportedly shows Benghazi residents pulling the body of fallen ambassador Christopher Stevens from a window after the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, according to the Times. The video is dark and shaky, but it matches accounts from witnesses who said Stevens was locked behind an iron gate and overcome with smoke. “The man is alive. Move out of the way,” men shout in the video, according to the Times. “Just bring him out, man.” But Stevens, the first U.S. ambassador killed while serving since 1979, was dead on arrival at the hospital. Libyan President Mohamed al-Magariaf said Sunday that Al Qaeda and outside groups were responsible for the attacks, and “do not resemble any way, in any sense, the aspirations, the feelings of Libyans towards the United States and its citizens.”

Panicked Libyans Pull Fallen Envoy From Room