Pat Kiernan Is Really, Honestly, Totally Getting Over Kelly Ripa

NY 1 anchor Pat Kiernan attends the launch party for CNN's
Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

NY1 anchor and New York City’s top Canuck Pat Kiernan has never been shy about his professional lust for Regis Philbin’s old chair, publicly lobbying for the Live! co-host spot that ultimately went to Michael Strahan. Upon the former Giants star’s official debut this morning, Kiernan did as we all do when we’re hurting and took to his blog to process: “So I’m a little sad today. I’m not crushed,” he wrote. “I’ve got a job I love. But the Live! job had some shiny-new-car appeal and I’m sorry it’s Strahan driving instead of me.” Now get it together and start making up with NY1, which has been weeping quietly in the background of this entire affair.

Pat Kiernan Is Really, Honestly Over Kelly Ripa