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Pepper-Spray Attack Led to an Occupy Wall Street Baby

Dedrick after meeting Bologna.

The NYPD’s Anthony Bologna was responsible for his share of ugliness during last fall’s Occupy Wall Street protests, much of it caught on tape, but he also inadvertently had a hand in something beautiful. Demonstrator Kaylee Dedrick, who was seen wailing in pain after being pepper-sprayed by Bologna, is expecting a baby with the volunteer medic who treated her eyes in a movie theater utility closet. Dedrick met father-to-be Robert Grodt exactly a year ago today and took the anniversary to announce that she’ll become the sixth person to sue Bologna, the Times reports. “Despite her lawyers’ requests, the couple refuses to name their baby ‘Pepper,’” said Dedrick’s attorney. A godfather designation for Bologna seems equally unlikely, though he may end up contributing to the kid’s college fund anyway.

Pepper-Spray Led to an Occupy Wall Street Baby