Rich on Maddow: Fox News Risks Losing GOP Support

Fresh off of a one-week experiment in which he devoured conservative media on television, online, in print, and in his dreams — New York’s Frank Rich visited Rachel Maddow to discuss his findings. Rich refers to Fox News as the Establishment and says that despite some disillusionment with Mitt Romney within the party (and even very publicly on Twitter by News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch), that sentiment is largely ignored by Fox News, perhaps to its detriment. But there’s a reason. “In the end, [Fox News] is not a Tea Party organization — it is the establishment of the Republican party. When the chips are down, they’re going to go with Romney,” Rich says. “That’s where their economic interests are. They think, I think, the Tea Party people, the base, the grassroots have nowhere to go.”

Rich on Maddow: Fox News Could Lose GOP Support