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New Romney Ad Uses Pelosi’s Alleged Obama Speakerphone Muting

The Romney-Ryan campaign released a new 30-second ad Sunday dramatizing a scene from a behind-the-scenes 2009 stimulus talk that Bob Woodward covered in his book The Price of Politics. Basically, Woodward reported that Nancy Pelosi put President Obama on speakerphone when he dialed in for a discussion about the stimulus package and, according to the ad, Pelosi and Harry Reid “went on with their meeting, ignoring the president, not even listening to what he had to say.” The takeaway: “If he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?” Pelosi has flatly denied the incident while Woodward has stood by what he wrote. Pelosi did draw a distinction, though, between a conversation involving President Obama and Speaker Pelosi and “Nancy and Barack.” Strip away the titles and she might even hang up on him. Although, hanging up is so much less satisfying these days.

Romney Ad Uses Pelosi’s Alleged Obama Muting