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Romney Attacks Obama for Backing Chicago Teachers, Though He’s Yet to Pick a Side

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Thousands of Chicago public school teachers and their supporters march through the Loop and in front of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) headquarters on September 10, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. More than 26,000 teachers and support staff hit the picket lines this morning after the Chicago Teachers Union failed to reach an agreement with the city on compensation, benefits and job security. With about 350,000 students, the Chicago school district is the third largest in the United States. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Chicago teachers on strike. Photo: Scott Olson/2012 Getty Images

On Monday, the Romney campaign launched a preemptive strike against President Obama over the Chicago teachers strike, saying that he’s “chosen his side in this fight.” According to spokesman Jay Carney, the White House merely hopes “both sides are able to come together to settle this quickly and in the best interests of Chicago’s students.” However, Romney claims that Obama made his allegiances known by sending Joe Biden to assure the National Education Association that he’s committed to working with them — though, in his 2011 address, Biden also acknowledged that there are disagreements between the administration and the union. 

Later, Romney said in a radio interview that he believes, “We ought to put the kids first in this country and the teacher’s union goes behind.” Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel dismissed this as “lip service,” saying, “I don’t give two hoots about national comments scoring political points or trying to embarrass, or whatever, the president.” We suspect he wanted to say something a bit saltier than “two hoots.”

Romney Attacks Obama on Chicago Teachers Strike