ink-stained wretches

Reporters Finally Figure Out How to Get Paul Ryan to Communicate with Them

Journalists travelling with the press-shy Paul Ryan have become so “desperate to lure the congressman into interacting” with them that they’ve started to get weird with their tactics: Today, they attempted to engage the vice-presidential candidate by rolling an orange marked with the then-current score of the football matchup between Ohio State and Miami University of Ohio (his alma mater) to the front of the plane. The fratty move (Ohio was winning 35 to 10) was rewarded with a reaction from Ryan, who had attended part of the game and returned the citrus bearing a note that read, “We were winning when I was there! - Paul.” So, now we know the real reason behind the RNC’s fruit ban — the man is powerless in the face of produce. 

Ryan Pays Attention to Fruit-Weilding Reporters