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Keith Olbermann Made a Maniacal, DIY ‘Special Comment’ About the Mitt Romney Video

When we last checked in with fired Current host Keith Olbermann, he was uploading lonely photos to his Tumblr (which hasn’t been updated in a month). He’s still got the newsman in him somewhere, though, because last night, upon the release of Mitt Romney’s secret fund-raiser musings, the showless Olbermann took to his camera phone and framed himself in front of a Countdown-esque cityscape, where he proceeded to laugh like Dr. Evil for fifteen seconds. Mocked on Twitter about his obvious boredom, Olbermann shot back that he’s been “[living] off investments, sleeping late, sitting around counting my money … You know, like Romney.” Sometimes we laugh to keep from crying.

Sad Keith Olbermann Comments on Mitt Romney Leak