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Swing States Are Going to Be Seeing a Lot of the Secret Romney Video

Supporters of Barack Obama have banded together to decide that the secretly recorded footage of Mitt Romney telling wealthy donors the bottom 47 percent of Americans are useless is unfair and should not be used, because the election should be a good, clean — ha-ha, yeah right, it’s going to be everywhere. Priorities USA, a pro-Obama Super PAC, has already cobbled together a TV ad to air as part of a $30 million buy in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, and Wisconsin, using grainy footage of Romney and his contention that a healthy chunk of citizens feel “entitled to health care, to food, to housing.” There’s also a picture of the mansion where Romney made the remarks before a switch to middle-class images like … a baby being bathed in the sink. “Victims? Behind these doors middle-class families struggle,” the incredulous narrator says. “And Romney will make things even tougher.”

The official Obama team jumped right on the footage as well, playing Romney’s comments on an iPad for people on the street and editing their reactions into an amusing online ad. “Wooow,” says one man. That basically sums it up.

Priorities USA Ad Uses Secret Romney Video