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Taking a DWI for Your Delinquent Boyfriend Is Totally Not Worth It

New York Post cover for Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In May, the New York Post roasted 21-year-old Sophia Anderson on its cover, and for days after, for allegedly driving her boyfriend’s mom’s Mercedes into the Long Island home of a 96-year-old woman while drunk and high on coke. Today we find out — via the Post, naturally — that Anderson wasn’t actually behind the wheel, but asleep in the passenger seat as her 23-year-old boyfriend, Dan Sajewski, plowed through the house. Because Sajewski was on probation and she “was in love with him,” Anderson took the blame, although medical examiners were able to determine that she couldn’t have been driving. Sajewski is being held without bail and faces jail time, Anderson’s DWI will be dropped in favor of an obstructing justice charge, and their romance is doomed, as it probably always was.

Taking a DWI for Your Boyfriend Is Not Worth It