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Just an Alligator Wandering Around a Long Island Supermarket Parking Lot

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Misplaced carts, inattentive drivers, and now, alligators. Yes, shoppers now face another danger, at least at a Pathmark in Baldwin, New York, where a second gator was found in the parking lot in two days, CBS New York reports. On Tuesday, the Nassau County SPCA was alerted to a two to three foot gator at Pathmark, followed by a report of a slightly larger gator in the same lot Wednesday. Yet another gator was found in the front lawn at a Mastic Beach home last Friday; meanwhile, in Brooklyn this week, authorities discovered a couple with a small alligator in their apartment along with loaded weapons. Anyone with information on how the gators wound up in the parking lot should contact the Nassau County SPCA. Perhaps someone can also explain how so many alligators ended up on Long Island in the first place.

Alligator Found in L.I. Supermarket Parking Lot