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Mitt Romney Scores Coveted Meat Loaf Endorsement, Ann Romney Makes Meatloaf

Let it never be said that Mitt Romney does not have his share of celebrity backers: After nabbing Kid Rock’s endorsement earlier this month, Romney appeared on stage in Defiance, OH, Thursday night with none other than Meat Loaf, who kicked out a few jams in support of the Republican candidate. The singer of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” who played Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, apparently told the crowd he had convinced two of the three Democrats he’d called to switch their votes over to Romney, and “two out of three ain’t bad.” Then he and Romney hugged. This is pretty much going to wrap up Romney’s victory in a bow, right? But Meat Loaf’s endorsement was only one part of a craaaaazy ground beef-infused coincidence Thursday. Because as ABC’s Emily Friedman points out, it follows Ann Romney’s appearance on Rachel Ray earlier Thursday where she made … wait for it … meatloaf. Full circle? Yes. Coincidence? Almost certainly not.

It’s Been a Very Meatloaf-Heavy Day for Romney