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Bravo Begins Ambitious ‘Troll All of Silicon Valley’ Project

The only thing we’re looking forward to more than Bravo’s new reality show Start-Ups: Silicon Valley is the tech sector’s exasperated reaction to it.

The show’s trailer has been out for one day, and Silicon Valley’s predictable, “Bravo isn’t taking us seeeeriously” whines are already rolling in:

In addition to being a perfectly engineered trolling mechanism, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley is also a reality-TV show that promises to introduce Bravo’s viewership to some of the tech sector’s more colorful characters. There’s Ben Way, a self-described “entrepreneurial prodigy” from the U.K., whose sister Hermione also has the start-up itch. There’s Dwight Crow, a work-hard, play-hard programmer who, according to his biography on Bravo’s site, “carries a form of leprosy from living in the Amazon.” And on and on down the cast list, each member seeming more outlandish and less self-aware than the last one.

It sounds, in other words, like a reality show — albeit one set in an industry that takes itself way too seriously.

And while we don’t know how, exactly, Bravo will make the start-up world into something worth watching, we applaud the channel’s efforts and are very much looking forward to the November 5 premiere. There hasn’t been this much weeping and gnashing of teeth in Silicon Valley since Limewire got shut down.

Bravo Trolls Silicon Valley