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Jonathan Chait on Piers Morgan: Focus on Romney’s ‘Binders’ Trivializes Campaign

Mitt Romney’s “binders of women” comment during Tuesday’s debate may be the most delightful thing to come out of the campaign as far as meme-loving Internet users are concerned, but on Wednesday New York’s Jonathan Chait told Piers Morgan that Democrats shouldn’t be focusing on the gaffe. Though Romney’s claims have been questioned, making an effort to hire more women is something worth bragging about. “He just missed the word,” says Chait. “Women candidates. It sounded slightly silly but everyone knows what he meant.” “Romney’s done the same thing of taking some slightly garbled bit of syntax and trying to construct a whole campaign around it,” Chait adds — not that it makes what the Democrats are doing any less ridiculous.

Chait on Piers: ‘Binders’ Trivializes Campaign