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Watch As Chris Matthews Grows Increasingly Upset Over Obama’s Debate Performance

Chris Matthews could not contain his disappointment with President Obama’s performance during tonight’s first presidential debate against Mitt Romney. “I don’t know how he let Romney get away with the crap he threw out tonight,” Matthews said during MSNBC’s post-debate analysis before launching into lines he wished Obama had delivered specifically about Romney’s controversial 47 percent remark: “You don’t care about these people! We’ve got it on tape, Governor!” Matthews was even less impressed with Obama’s seemingly casual body language tonight: “He was disarmed! He was like, ‘Oh, an hour and a half? I think I can get through this thing,’” Matthews said. “What was Romney doing? He was winning! If he does five more of these things, forget it.” Watch more in the video below.

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Chris Matthews Angry Over Obama at First Debate