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David Axelrod’s Mustache Is in Mortal Danger

Joe Scarborough with an old-timey mustache, and David Axelrod without a mustache. Photo: Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, Andrew Burton/Getty Images

With less than a week now until an embarrassingly small percentage of Americans cast their ballots for president, recent polls have shown President Obama with a lead of just 3 points in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Michigan — three states he had been expected to carry with ease. So, on Morning Joe earlier today, Obama strategist David Axelrod sought to kill the “expanding Romney map” narrative before it takes hold: He promised to shave off his trademark mustache “of 40 years” if Obama loses any of those states. Host Joe Scarborough =made a promise of his own to grow a mustache if Obama wins North Carolina or Florida. So, everyone is probably going to look exactly the same after the election. 

David Axelrod Puts Mustache on the Line